Access For People With Disabilities - Building Assessment

Course Info

Hours 4.5

Course Summary

The legislation and requirements for providing access for people with disabilities to a building is complex and involved. This course has been designed to provide an overview of all the requirements of the legislation, building code of Australia, and Australian standards relating to access for both new and existing buildings. This course is suitable for all existing practitioners in the building industry and for those with an interest in the requirements for access to buildings, including but not limited to: architects, builders, project managers, construction managers, building managers and building certifiers.

Course Details

The course consistes of 13 interactive modules with audio, numbered in accord with sections of the Aust Standards.  Each module contains its own set of questions which will need to be answered correctly before you can move on to hte next module.

The modules are:

1. Introduction

2. Premesis Standards

2a. Unjustifiable Hardship

3a. Intro to AS/NZS 1428.1

3b. Access To Buildings

4a. Stairways

4b. Ramps and Walkways

4c. Corridors and Doorways

4d. Signage and Services

5. Sanitary Facilities

6. Tactiles

7. Car Parking

8. Lifts